Style, Strike a Pose!

Maybe not exactly a “pose”…..

It is really common for people to have anxiety about professional pictures. If you are nervous you will 100% give that vibe off in your photo. Guess what? You have no reason to worry, because I’ve got your back. It is my job to make you feel and look FABULOUS. And you will! I love candid shots but a lot of the time you have to stage things and people “pose”. I’ll be able to direct you how to move your body so the camera gets the best of you. So leave any anxiety at home!

I highly encourage you to think of several outfits that make you feel fabulous because that confidence translates into the photo. I allow up to three outfit changes in a session, but two is normally best. I get it, two is really hard to decide on and sometimes you just have to have the additional one. No worries!

If you aren’t sure what to wear, let’s chat. I want you to look at your pictures and feel amazing. Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the style department to help you rock it out for your shoot!

Makeup…this can be rather daunting to some folks. Professional makeup would be amazing but I know that’s not always practical. Again, we can chat and I can give you some tips on how to make your make up look best for photos. And fear not, we can always edit something that you feel less than stellar about.

Hair…This just depends on the shoot. I always say this, you want to look like YOU in your pictures. Style your hair as you would normally if you are going to a special occasion. We can always work with it at the shoot as well.

I’ll always bring extra beauty items so if something happens we have the arsenal to fix it!