Pancreatic Disease Awareness

Those of you that know me personally know that I suffer from Chronic Pancreatitis due to a deformity in the ducts of my pancreas. Pancreas Divisum is actually really common, most people never know they have it because it never causes any problems. However, a small percentage of people that do have issues, usually leading to either Acute or Chronic Pancreatitis. Anything to do with your pancreas is nasty business. It is painful, debilitating and it can kill you. What’s worse is that it is one of the most difficult conditions for doctors to treat.

Pancreatic Cancer has been in the media quite a bit due to popular people dying from it. Most of the time when a they find pancreatic cancer there isn’t much that can be done.

Treatment for Pancreatic Diseases needs to get better. Patients need more options, they need to reclaim their lives and receive treatments that aren’t simply short term bandaids.

In the coming weeks I’ll be updating this page with information and I hope you’ll take the time to educate yourself. You never know if someone you love and care about may have pancreatic problems. Not only that but medical care needs to be better. More research needs to be done. Anyone with this disease will tell you that there isn’t enough being done to learn more about these issues and there simply isn’t enough funding for research.


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