Even though we live in the worst place ever for traffic we also have the most amazing variety of places that are breathtakingly beautiful and unique. Really the possible places for a shoot are endless, there is something for everyone.

Just to name a few…..

-Shennadoah National Park, Manassas Battlefield

-Local Wineries

-Old historic towns with cobblestone streets

-Historic places: Chapman’s Mill, The Stone Bridge

-Underground caverns

-Amazing horse barns and show grounds

-The Monuments

See? And that’s just a few examples. If you have a place special to you, we can go there too. The possibilities are endless. I am also willing to do out of state locations or down to the lower parts of VA. There’s a bit more involved with that but if it is something you are interested in we can work it out.

A common question from clients is, “What time should be have the shoot?” When I answer there is always a groan “Dawn when the natural light is soft, warm and glowing. That means getting up really early! Sorry!” I actually really like shooting as the sun is setting and in the half hour or so after. Good natural light is really important. It makes a picture glow, it highlights all the best features and you aren’t fighting squinty eyes. I can shoot in regular light, especially for horse shows, but it usually isn’t as pretty as soft light.