The Investment

Contact me for a quote.

I want to be sure I give you my best work. If you ask me for something I feel will compromise the quality of my product I will refer you to someone in the community who is more experienced.

I am game for Senior Portraits, Special Occasions, Engagement Sessions, Maternity shoots, fun time at the barn and almost anything else you can dream up.

One of my favorite types of sessions is personal Horse Show Photography. There are so many moments at shows that are candid and make amazing photographs. I’ll either meet you at the barn or the show grounds and be your personal show photographer. I’ll even make sure your boots are clean and your horse’s face is wiped before you go in the class. Almost like a built in groom! Given the nature of shows, distance, time, locations prices for this will vary. I’ll need some advance notice to be sure I can work your show day into my schedule.

Photos of your choice will be ordered from a quality lab and delivered to you. Additionally, I will provide you the top edited pictures on a USB drive so you have a digital copy of your session. We can also do other fun things like photo books, cards, canvases and much more.