Trip To Buffalo

We didn’t make it for Christmas to Buffalo this year but we did come right after. My parents were kind enough to watch our pack of creatures while we were on our cruise (post to follow). We got to spend a week in the good ol’ cold and snow, which I love.

Normally there’s not a ton to do in the winter together (Mom doesn’t like to ski, Phil used to snowboard but he hasn’t in awhile, I’d live on the slopes if I could and Steven has yet to try skiing). So, activities together can be limited. But Mom was able to get us tickets to a Sabers/Capitals game and tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We had a blast.

It was super busy getting ready for the cruise, getting the pets settled, everything packed and ready to go, so we didn’t get to do a ton of visiting. But we hope to be back soon to see everyone. Sorry we missed our visits but we love you and miss you!

Here are some pics from the events.


I have said over and over since moving to DC I hate seats that are not in the suite or in the 100s. Why? Because it seems that is a huge lack of class and consideration for others around you in the “cheap” seats. Last time we sat in the 400s we almost got in a fight and some guy screamed at me and shoved my shoulder. Needless to say, things like that don’t happen in the suite. (And not in the 100s normally.) So, I might be a snob but I can’t help if I want to enjoy the game or show. Thanks Mom and her work for the tickets. We had so much fun!!!!

Steven and I in our matching gear. I did feel like I was cheating on the Capitals a bit.

I have to say we thought being higher up above the stage was best because the lights were unreal to watch. This was an unbelievable show and I am so glad we went.

My “Gatsby” hat. Years ago I saw one and it was expensive so I passed. Steven told me to buy it and it was a something I regretted not listening to for years. While this hat isn’t as awesome as the one found years ago it is still fun. I don’t care if you make fun of me.


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