2013 Rage Composite Lake Erie Freeride

It has been killing me not to share these photos! The Team Xtreme 2013 Rage Composite Lake Erie Freeride was held in Angola, NY. The things the guys can do on a ski just amazes me. I found myself attempting to capture everything I could on my camera. This was my first time really attempting to photography the sport, but I have to say, it is by far one of my favorite things to shoot.

All the riders were amazing. Congrats to you all and I can’t wait to see (and photograph) everyone again next year! And, as promised, all the pics I took are free to the riders since it was a charity event. You can go to the client page and download your photos from the PASS gallery. If you have any questions, or have any technical issues send me an email. And if you have a pic you love but there is something you want edited, let me know. I am happy to edit it.


Here’s Phil Frost (Frosty), my Dad.

(Above) This is Chris Anyzeski, he can do some amazing tricks. He just went to world finals because he’s that awesome. And super nice to boot!

Yep, there were even arial shots of the event. While awesome, there’s no way you’d ever get me up in that thing!

Maryann Clouden Frost - Seana, these pictures r great. You really captured the essence of thd weekend.

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