This recent trip back home for me was so nostalgic. I don’t know, maybe it is lame but I so love the beach there. I love the memories I have. Now, don’t get me wrong-the town never changes. I can count on mostly everything being the same ol’ same. I couldn’t live there, but I do love to visit.

The beach is of course the best part of the area. Boating, walking the beach, the bars, the secret spots and the sunsets. I have such fond memories.

Spending hours baking myself to a crisp, taking adventures with my best friend on the jet skis or seeing how far we could row this damn boat they had,  secretly laughing when some random guy decided to hit on me in front of my Mom. (I was 14ish but totally didn’t look it. I say advantage, however others disagreed. Ugh, the plight of being young.) Going to Sunset Beach for the dance club. (Come to think of it the boys there were trouble too. Handsome, but trouble.)

Watching sunsets with boyfriend from the lifeguard chairs and feeling special. Bonfires and star gazing. The secret beach I’d go to with my last boyfriend in NY before I moved to AL. I love being able to go back to all that, not that place in my life, but the carefree feelings. The fun. Sometimes when I’m home I’ll escape and just sit on the beach alone just to think. It always lifts whatever burden I’m feeling and I okay again.

I have so many great memories, but I’ll just share the sunset pictures I took this trip. But those of you who know me and live/lived up there, I know you get this post!


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