Rebranding for a Cause

I’ve said this before but it warrants saying again, Photography is a pretty personal business. You get to know your clients and they get to know you. I think this is great but it occurred to me I could really use my website and photography as a way to raise awareness of Pancreatic Diseases.

Most of you know I suffer from Chronic Pancreatitis. I’ve started and addition section under my Bio about the diseases and other pancreatic problems. I wish people knew more about the topic, main the medical community, because I think that is where ignorance about it is rampant. I’ve been treated as an addict, that I did this to myself and given horrible treatment. (Because Chronic Pancreatitis is often caused by alcohol and seen in people with this addiction.) Doctors assume I want narcotics and just want to get high. I assure you, I’d rather not take them but I honestly have no choice. Without pain meds I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. No person should ever fear going to get medical help, but I do every time I have an appt or have and emergency where I need to go to the ER. This is so common and anyone with this disease will have some horrible stories about bad treatment. This isn’t something that happens here and there, it is a more often than not occurrence.

Many medical professional don’t understand pancreatic disease. There is for sure a stigma to people that have it because of what if taught in med school. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to tell a doctor what my disease is, what it is caused by, what makes it worse and what helps. And after all that, I’m lucky if they believe me.

So this brought on the idea of making Pancreatic Disease Awareness an important theme in my business. I’ll be working to get a redesigned logo that includes purple, the color for Pancreatic Cancer/Disease Awareness. I think it will be a great way to get people talking about it, to peak an interest in the topic. I’ll be coming up with something to pit on my business cards to get people aware of it. I’ll be offering photo sessions and discounted rated and all money will go to a Pancreatic Charity.

My dream would be a trail ride for raising research money. They do this for breast cancer and St. Jude, but I’ve never seen it done for the pancreas. It would be an incredible way to bring together a community of people, horse people, that are passionate about things and to get them involved. I know that something like that is a far way off, but I think it can be done. These are events that horse people look forward to all year, so I really believe the response would be positive and it would really raise awareness.

I can’t want to reveal the new logo, especially since it is so personal. I hope my readers take the time to think about any chronic illness and find ways to do what they can to help.

Daisy Mae, my service god. She seems to be able to predict major flairs I have a few days before they happen. She never leaves my side when I am ill and if I need helps, she gets it. She is also wonderful at knowing when I am going to have an anxiety attach and actually her just being there helps calm me down. Since stress is a trigger for flares for me, this is really important. There are days when she is a punk of a Pug, but I’d have it no other way. She is truly an amazing animal.

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