April PWHA Show

Here’s a few pics of the Prince William Horse Association April show. Each month they hold an English show and a Western show. Thankfully it is just down the street from the barn so it makes them easy to attend.

Everyone did amazing! Both Hope and Haylee too Champion ribbons for their divisions. (Hope, I am so sorry I didn’t get to take any pics if you! I was trying to record your runs and my camera freaked out.:(Sorry!) Anna rode like she owned the place and never batted a nervous eye. Clyde was a bit of a pill for Cindy, but they pushed through. (AND still placed!) Snake threw a temper tantrum so he was a bit of a handful all day. I think I should stick to English. Either way, it was tons of fun.

We also had Laura and Tobias there for support and entertainment. Tobias, I am so glad you are so sweet and funny. I loved having you there as a pick me up! Laura, your insights and great sense of humor make the day far more interesting. I hope you guys will come to other shows with us!



Cindy, Clyde and Seana, Snake

Haylee on Zip

Anna and Clyde

Anna on Clyde

In class.

Seana and Snake

Hannah and Tobias

Snake was interviewing Steven for his groom position. It is unpaid. I don’t know if Steven was aware of what was happening.

Horse show line up butts.


*All credit for pictures of the classes go to Steven. Thanks for taking some pics, hun!

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