Snicks is the more elusive pet in the house. She doesn’t cooperate for pictures, she has her own agenda. I was able to snap some of the little lovely when she decided to commandeer the new down dog bed.  Snickers is about 14 years old, so she is allowed to do whatever she wants.

I got her before I moved to Alabama in my sophomore year of high school when I was 15. She has been with me ever since. She’s moved with me 7 times! (Wow, I never realized I moved that much!) She’s traveled on tons of trips, be in the car or on the plane. She’s an airline pro. She peeps out of the top of her cat carrier with the “pigmy face” staring at the other people in the airport as if they are a huge inconvenience. (I suppose most are.) I used to think she like being tranquilized on the plane, as I thought it was more relaxing for her. Heaven knows I need to be tranquilized to fly, so I assume others do too. Well, the last time I attempted that she punctured me and shove the pill into the wound. I think she was trying to do me a favor and share. (Or she was trying to kill me.) Either way I love this crazy cat!


Punkin’ Pigmy Face

Evil eye towards the dogs. (As they hunker down in the other bed.)

Painted feet.

Snicks can’t use the entire staircase. She goes up and down using the sofa, through the stair rails. Always gotta be different.

Worried little dogs.

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