Spring Cleaning and Remodeling

I am SUPER excited about getting the house in order and starting some remodeling projects. I have so many things I want to do and I am so pleased that I have settled on a “vision” for the house. I am also super excited Steven agrees! I want a French country look with rustic accents mixed in. I love anything dramatic and unexpected. (Like the chandelier in our bedroom. No one expects to see that in an A Frame lodge type house.)

Thus far we’ve painted the main living area twice. Tan the first time, I wasn’t in love, so now it is blue. I am so much happier with it. My issue is I love to change my mind. I think I know what I want the first time, but I never do. I need to learn to stop and take a step back. (Aunt Julie, you were totally right. I should have waited to do anything, we should have just lived in the house for a year!)

Here’s my other problem. I HATE our leather living room furniture. With a passion! It is beautiful, classic, but all wrong for the look I want. Sigh. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix that, please leave a comment!  What I really want is a lazy boy smaller sofa with lots of cushions, maybe two chairs. It will open up the living room more. (Of course you can get them in amazing colors and patterns. It pains me to even think about it.)

Here is the bedroom before and after. We actually painted twice in here too. You can’t see it in the pic, but the ceiling is white with very detailed crown moulding added. The fan was replaced with a medium sized crystal chandelier on a dimmer. It is instantly more dramatic.

The deck before and after. Holy cow. We had them replace the deck as a condition of buying the house. Steven wanted to take a chance on that hot tub too rather than toss it. Good thing he did! It actually works wonderfully and is a great addition. The inside is in amazing condition. This summer he is going to replace the sides with Trex and get a new cover. Bam, brand new hot tub!

Back view before.

(Note, this from the MLS listing and they do not belong to me.) I actually like the bathroom well enough, but want to change it anyway. We don’t want to spend tons of cash, so the plan is to paint the vanity white and leave the black counter. We are going to go with a black and white theme, with blue accents to tie in the rest of the house. The walls will either be painted or covered in a damask wallpaper. The trim will also be white. Eventually the old tub will be ripped out and replaced with a standup tiled shower with glass doors.

This is the first project we going to tackle. This is the master closet. It is actually really large, but with only one shelf and bar it is a total waste of space. I hope to have a closet system installed before the end of April. I also want to paint the inside a fun color to make it pop. And the doors… I want to attempt to make them white. Worst case, we have to buy new doors. This will also force us to go through our clothes and get rid of what we don’t wear. Steven and I are both serious clothes hoarders.







We would love to hear any ideas or tips from others. Honestly, there are some amazing blogs out there and some of the things people can do on their own on the cheap amazes me. So, PLEAE SHARE!!!! As we get into the process I will document and share our DIYs.

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