Feather Pillows, Room Service and General Anesthesia

When your sick it is the little things that may you happy. Last week and the one before I was up at Hopkins being slowly tortured with a lovely thing call Secretin. It stimulates the pancreas so they can look at the function better. Well, for someone who has pancreas issues, it HURTS. I’ve felt like major yuck for 2 weeks. I also have to have General Anesthesia when I go under, so it is that much worse. I have a secret though. There IS something that makes you feel just a tiny bit better.

We decided not to have to drive to Baltimore two days in a row and got a hotel room. Some of you know me and I’ll admit, I’m a hotel snob. I once had to stay in a Super 8 Motel and almost died. Seriously, some creepy wanna be serial killer followed me to the pool and blocked my exit. Now that I think about it, I got crap for being “snobby” that time too. Oh well. What an experience that was. There was another hotel that was supposed to be nice, but I freaked out for two days before I accepted that is where were had to stay. I don’t need the Ritz (well, I DO, but I get I can’t have that ALL the time). All I want is clean, no bed bugs, free of potential serial killers, and a nice bed.

So, what makes you feel better? Amazing pillows! A wonderful bed! Room service!!!!! Top it off, room service with tiny bottles. It made me happy for a short while. So that’s the secret. Oh, and I found the brand of pillows online and bought them. They also had a dog bed. Yep, added to the cart.  Here’s the link. They are having awesome sales too!!! http://www.downlitebedding.com

I love the skyline in Baltimore.

Yes! Tinnnnnyyyy bottles!

Pillows and room service.

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