Winter Weather

Unfortunately, it was short lived. I love, love, love the snow. There is something comforting and so peaceful about it. Maybe it is because I grew up in Buffalo, snow central, and most of my memories are of fun in the snow. I loved skiing and sledding. Ice skating and snowmobiling not so much. (I fell a lot at both.) I love listening to the snow fall. (YES, you can hear it!) Swim season was during the winter and we would roll down the hill in our suits and then jump back in the pool. I can remember having frozen hair. Crazy, I know.

Even better is horseback riding in the snow. I can remember my first official lesson as a child. I was riding O’Brien, a big trusty steed. That is until the snow slid off the roof of the indoor arena causing a loud bang. I fell off. I didn’t care though because I was having the time of my life. Now, when I see snow on the ground I want to rush out and ride Snake. If something can make you smile and laugh out loud, you should do it at every chance. Sadly, you need powdery snow to ride in for the best results.

Here’s some shots of our snow from last night and today. Hope someone got out to enjoy it!

The “ski house”. Perfect in the winter and the summer.

Daisy actually likes the snow. One because she can eat it and two, because she can dig in it. Crazy Pug.

Gris is less than pleased.

Baby Mish.

The trees here are so tall.

Snow web.

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