Give Me a Husky!

Ashlie and Chad, you were on to something with having two of these lovely girls. Sweet, affectionate, playful….a Husky seems to be the best of everything. Shia and Navi were so much fun, I thought about trying to sneak one of them out of the house. I even tried bribes of Snickers Football Ice Cream cakes in exchange but I didn’t get any takers.

I can’t wait to take more pictures of these beautiful girls!


Lovely Navi. She was the one who hammed it up for the camera most of the night!

Shia Baby. I love her goofy personality.

These Huskies live in harmony with the leader of the household….The cat! This pint sized gal plays with the girls and also lets them know she is the boss.

You know they say that pets resemble their owners. In the second pic, Chad and Shia for sure prove this. Look at the expressions, exact same!

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