Sick Days

Unfortunately for me, sick days are just about every day lately. That’s okay though, I’ll make it through! I do my best to stay positive, and yesterday was my “negative” day, so today I decided was going to just have to be okay. I’ve enjoyed my day being curled up in bed with my 3 hambones. There is nothing like the love and devotion of a dog to make your day better. Thank goodness I have a lazy bunch who doesn’t mind endless amounts of laying around doing nothing!

Here’s some pics from the past few weeks….


This is Scout, my Grandparents’ cat. She comes in a takes over like she owns the place. She’s a wonderful girl and I love having her visit!

Baby Mish. I took this while playing with my new prime lens. I love, love, love it!

Mayberry being a lamia outside.

Finally! I don’t have the right equipment to get night moon pics, at least not the ones I want, but these day ones were fun to take.

I shot this with from quite a distance. This crane is always at the barn and I think he is just lovely. I didn’t see until I uploaded it, but I love the reflection on the water.

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