The Bluebird of Change

I’m SUPER excited about something new for the website. Some of you might remember the pictures of the Bluebird I took a few weeks ago. I’ll my favorite one again…

The more I look at this picture the more I love it. How the wind is catching those fluffy little feathers, his coloring, and just how cute that darn little bird is…I just can’t get enough of him! (And have been subsequently stalking him and his kind ever since even more than I had before.)  I think if I could buy one to own, I just might. (Shhhh! Don’t tell my husband. He keeps telling me NO BIRDS!) Just looking at this picture makes me want to grab mu camera and go take pictures. On a personal level, that is how I want my pictures to make me feel.

Anyway, I kept thinking, how can I make sure that something that inspires me this much is always incorporated into my photography? I’d been toying with the idea of a new logo that fits me and my brand a bit better, but hadn’t found someone who could really capture what I was looking for. Last night, the Etsy Gods must have been smiling down on me because I found Nicole, owner and designer of  NLR Creative Designs. After a quick message, I knew she had this in the bag. I can’t wait to see what Nicole designs and to have a more “me” logo.


Here are a few more of that inspiring little bird.


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