Steven and the Birds

Steven and I were driving out of Chick-fil-a the other day and there was a group of housewife-y women taking pictures. He, being a smart mouth, made a comment about how I was like that. I did protest, but I can’t lie…I am. I often think about the fact that when we go somewhere (Manassas Battlefield, Chapman’s Mill, caverns, etc) I always feel like I see most of the sights through the view finder on my camera. I am consumed with taking pictures. It may be a borderline obsession, but hey, at least I have the memories to look at!

It can me hard to find creative inspiration. Lucky for me we live in the woods and I love Home Depot. I know you are thinking, what in the heck does that have to do with anything? Well, they have bird feed at Home Depot and I have birds in my woods. Excited about the prospect of capturing all the different kinds of birds we have I put the feeder on my deck. Weeks went by, no birds. It was so sad.

The solution? Making Steven climb the tree high enough I could see the feeder from our second story deck and living room. Now I have plenty of birds to stalk with my camera!


Such a good husband!

Finally! They found the feed!

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