New fav…. Kelly Moore Bag

I have a serious purse problem. And, as I’ve told y’all before I also have a serious take pictures of everything problem. Add to that lugging around my DSLR and all my lenses, God knows I can’t take just one, I find myself in a world of trouble. I’m terrified I’ll break my camera, my shoulder hurts from carrying it around, and camera bags tend to be so ugly.

Enter my new Kelly Moore bag. It looks like a purse but it is made to carry your camera and equipment safely! Plus it has room for my wallet and other items. Even better is it comes in beautiful leather and lovely colors. Next to my new 50 prime lens, it is the best purchase I’ve made in some time!

Pictured in the blog are also my birthday flowers from Steven’s Mom. Thanks Sue! They are beautiful and as you can see they we fun to photograph!


Who doesn’t love a purple purse?!

I also had some fun in Lightroom playing with hues.

Sue Barnes - But the important question: Is there room for a Pug? lol

The Frosted Barn - There is, but then no room for the camera!

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