Maggie and Mick!

Here’s Maggie and Mick…water champs after this trail ride. We’ve got a horse that’s too smart for his own good and an owner who isn’t willing to be outsmarted. Oh what a pair they make!

Mick felt that mud and water were an insult to his noble hooves. He protested, then tried to reason- “But dear owner, don’t you know that mud just might suck my shoes off?!” I think at one point he even mentioned that he was trying to save money and make his shoes last longer. But Maggie wouldn’t be deterred by his insistence, he was goin’ across that creek come hell or high water. Smarty pants Mick got his owner in the water WITH him. “Oh please,” he said, “If my feet are gettin’ wet so are your’s”. It was a success. In the water they went, splashing about. It was hard to tell who the victory went to in this one. I say we call it a tie. Mick did decide that water wasn’t so awful after all and marched right on in on the way home.

Little did Mick know that beyond the water was an the key to a kingdom. A Cross Country Course! Mick loves to jump and jump he did. All and all I say it was a pretty successful day of trail training!


And they’re in!

Such a cute team!

Cross Country fun!

Over the skinny.

And back again….with a photo bomb. Thanks Snake!

My mission for the next trail ride, master taking pictures on horseback. It is way harder than you’d think!

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