Fun Show 2013

One of my absolute favorite yearly event is when the Criswood Farm crew attend the Fun Show Series at Kelly’s Ford Equestrian Center. It isn’t often we can call show together, with Western riders, timed event riders and English riders…But at this show series it is all in one! We stay at the barn late, grooming and being polished up in our lesson, get to the barn early the next morning and then off we go! All of the riders have done really well the past two years we’ve attended.

Here are some pics of the last show. Thanks Steven for taking pics! Good job with the poor indoor lighting!


Haylee riding Zip. She was high point last year for her division. I believe she also won that this year! Wonderful job, Haylee!

Hannah on Sadie. This was her first year competing in the show. She did excellent!

Here’s Dena riding Clyde. A tent almost attack him last year, so you can imagine he was hoping there wasn’t a repeat performance. Happily for him, the tent was nowhere to be seen. Dena did a great job showing him and pinned in all her classes!

Sadie did double time showing in English too! This is Anna. She rocked out her division and did amazing!

Hope and Haylee waiting to start the Ride a Five class. Have you ever tried to ride without dropping a $5 bill from under your leg? Bet you can’t do it! Haylee nearly won the class, but they asked for a gallop in TWO POINT. Poor Zip. He said that doesn’t exist in Western. Otherwise, I know they would have won!

More shots from the Ride A Five.

Candid shot of Snake and I entering the ring for Ride A Five.

Two Snakes on the flat.

One last pic of Anna on Sadie!

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