Cindy and Clyde

Meet Cindy and Clyde! These pictures were taken on their first field ride last year, which they knocked out of the park. Clyde was a perfect gentleman. I absolutely love riding with them because they’re a hard working team and tons of fun. Clyde is also Cindy’s daughter’s horse. Horses are amazing creatures and the good ones never give us more than we can handle. I’ve seen Clyde be so attentive to Anna and then later in the week push Cindy’s bravery. Not in a bad naughty horse way, but in a way that makes her a better rider. He pushes her to get her best! If you’re a horse person, you know that horses like that are worth their weight in gold.

Last show season was the first season all of us at the barn went to a show together. Cindy claimed she probably wasn’t going to show, that she was going to just take Clyde and see how he did. We watched her stroll on up to the ring dressed for the class and Clyde lookin’ like he had been groomed for hours. Cindy, we all knew your “plan” the second we saw you in your show clothes.

I can’t wait to see you guys ride this weekend. Looking into my crystal ball….I see you….riding in classes….smiling and having a great time. Just sayin’. Ride in that show! Haha!

The other awesome thing about our barn is we all really like each other and we support each other. The point of the field ride was so we could prepare  to do more trail rides later in the season. Cindy, our goal is now written for all the world to see, so there is no escape. Trail rides, Charity Rides, Manassas Battlefield, here we come!!!!!

To Cindy and Clyde (and Anna, of course), Snake and I think y’all are the bees knees! Can’t wait for this weekend!!!!

And here’s the most important part…PICTURES!

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