The Horse Life

A lot of people don’t understand “horse people”. I get it, we spend all our free time in a barn out in the elements. We take time time to ensure our horses get the best of everything. We shovel poop, groom all the dirt off their coat just to have them roll in the mud as soon as we turn them out. We end up coming home stinky and dirtier than the horse we just cleaned. We love the smell of a horse, the barn, the hay, everything about it is the best.

Then there’s the riding aspect of it. We painstakingly seek perfection knowing that it will be a life long quest. We train to win simple ribbons but to us those ribbons are gold. We ride knowing that at some point our ass is going to wind up in the dirt with our horse galloping about sans a rider. Those falls will for sure result in at minimum a bruised ego and we hope no broken bones but we know it is likely just a matter of time. It is worth the risk because the reward is huge.

We horse people are a special group. There’s nothing like having a group of people who are working toward a common goal. You make lifelong friends, forge amazing memories, and have crazy times. Sure, there are the really bat shit crazy horse people we “normal” ones have to deal with, but they give us good laughs. (And as a side note, if you don’t know any bat shit crazy horse people you are the BSC one.) I absolutely love my fellow boarders and the barn owners. We spend hours in the cold chatting about random topics. We love to be tortured during lessons all in the name of fun. I just can’t say how thankful I am for my horse peeps.

People don’t get why we do it. Let me tell you. It is for those moments when you work perfectly as a team with your horse. It is for when your horse brightens your bad day. It is for those perfect moments and memories that you and your horse will create.

I love Two Snakes to pieces. He is so much more than just a horse. He’s my family. I honestly can’t say where I’d be without him. He makes me forget about my problems and gives me a sense of normalcy.

So, non-horse people, these just a small amount of the reasons why we do what we do. Sure, we are kinda crazy but it is for a cause.

Here are just a few pics of Snake over the years. I can’t take credit for all the photos here, some of them were taken by Steven or other family. These aren’t meant to be amazing shots, some were taken on a cell phone. I just wanted to share a glimpse of Two snakes!


Thanks Steven for taking most of these pictures!

This was taken when playing a game of “tag” with Snake.

Bath time.

My father-in-law knew I could ride Snake with no tack. He was right! Snake was a perfect gentleman.

A very young Snake! And some very poor position on my part! We’ve come a LONG way!

Horse show line up.

A proper “Trash the Dress”.

The difference from the “old” riding picture to this is unreal!


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