Resolution Time…

I know I’ve committed to the 365 Photos of 2013, but I need something more concrete! So, here they are, for all the world to see. Maybe putting the out there will help me complete them.

1. Really get better at photography. I think I have a good eye, and I can get some great shots but I need more technical education.

2. Steven and I need some really great pictures of us. Not me setting up the tripod and ending up with that posed stiff photo look. Intimate, capturing us as a couple…that is what we need.

3. Get this monster of a health issue under control. However, this is out of my hands so it may not count as a resolution.

4. Get skinnier! 130 lbs, where have you gone? Fear not, I’ll find you again. Hello Nutrisystem and Chicken Broth.

5. Travel more!!!! Go back to NY and AL. Visit Disney with my Grandparents, go to the Natural Bridge, and finally make it to NYC.

6. Attempt camping.


See? Cute picture but taken with a tripod. We missed so many great shots because we had no one controlling the camera.

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