Paint and a GrisGris

I seem to never be happy with the paint color I choose the first time and we wind up painting at least twice. It must be part of my indecisive nature…If you told me I had to live with it forever I would get it right the first time but I know I can just change it so I think I tend to pick colors on a whim.

The other thing is that I have these ideas of “norms”. Like a main room should be muted, tan or white. I’m learning to toss those beliefs out the window I am MUCH happier. Sure, my whole house is going to end up in various shades of blue, but you know what? I LOVE IT!

However, my painting came at a great cost this time. As I was attempting to step over my very lovely very expensive stove, I slipped and put my foot through the glass top. Not only is the stove top dead but my foot was sliced too. I wanted to take a picture of that, but I thought some may find it in bad taste. (I’d want to see a pic but then again, I’m strange.)  Poor Steven has another task on the to-do list. (Sorry hun!)


Gris is pleased with the painting festivities too. This means he is allowed to be even lazier because he can’t get in the way. Such a little man. Look at that little open mouth!

Gris is the new lazy. He loves to be in that bed!





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