The Soul Stealer

Wylie would like to tell you, a camera steals your soul. This crazy Border Collie is extra camera shy. Poor guy didn’t have a shot. I was getting a picture of him come hell or high water.

Animals are my absolute favorite thing to photograph, but I’m finding there can be a major learning curve. Not because of having to learn about your camera, or knowing when to take the shot, but because those little monsters love to be uncooperative! Really, that makes them all the more endearing and the good pictures all the more rewarding.

I haven’t been lucky enough to find one of those creatures that KNOWS that camera is about to snap their beauty. There is a story about a famous racehorse, the name escapes me now, who would stop and pose for his adoring fans. Standing tall, ears perked forward, just waiting for the photographer to get that shot. Honestly, he’s smart. The perfect picture means he can go back to his hay sooner. I think he has life figured out.

Anyway, here is the dog who believes I was trying to put the voodoo on him with my camera, the handsome Wylie!

Sue - You got some great pictures of Wylie, usually all I get is his butt as he runs away! haha He is a very handsome boy despite being so high strung and annoying. But I love him anyway and all his quirks!

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