Merry Christmas to me!

Friday I found out Snake and I won the Champion award for the two Fun shows we attended this year. Even though it was only two shows I am super excited. My goal was to just place, but to have done so well makes me so proud! Everyone from Criswood did really well, so congratulations to them too!

Of course, in the world of horses, it is always fraught with drama. Snake came up lame while we were getting ready and we weren’t sure if he’d be able to show. We watched, waited, trained, rested, and had many vet visits. It was decided that Snake would be sound enough to attend. This was our first show in VA, and was I ever nervous. We entered the ring and Snake turned on his charm. In our first class we won the blue ribbon! In the following classes we continued to do really well. I’ve never been more proud of Two Snakes. He’s amazing!



Photo credit for the below picture: Steven.

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