My very first blog post on my new webpage!  I’ll be working on getting all my content up and my portfolio up-to-date over the coming weeks, so keep checking back! I am super excited about this endeavor because one of my absolute favorite things to do is take pictures. I’ll do whatever it takes to get “that shot”…

This summer I was in Buffalo with Steven visiting my family. My Dad, Phil, rides standup jet skis. Really, it is pretty cool to watch because he can flip around on it like a stuntman. I was so excited to be able to get some shots of him in action. As I was trotting down the beach, big ‘ol camera in tow, I saw him setting up to do a trick. Screeching with glee  (I can be kinda loud) I ran toward the water, focused and started shooting. Then all of the sudden STING.  I screamed and ran for my Mother. (Yes, I am 27 years old…I still screamed for my Mommy to come save me from what I KNEW was going to be a slow and painful death from anaphylactic shock, Clearly, this was a devil sent bee.) It was all very dramatic, something you’d see in the movies. But fellow readers, fear not. As you can tell this one turned out just fine. I may or may not be overly dramatic at times; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Here is the shot of my Dad on Lake Erie doing a backflip on his ski. I think he’s pretty awesome. Sadly, the awesome-ness capturing was cut short by that darn bee. Next summer!


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